Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adventures in Exchange 2013

Ahhh Microsoft.

I am setting up a 2013 Exchange Server at the moment and thought I'd slowly put together an all-in-one on how to set it up from start to finish.

This is my "when I get to it" guide on how to set up Exchange 2013.

It's a circus so grab some popcorn and be prepared to be bored and slightly disturbed.

1) Obtain the Install Media / ISO image from Licensing Portal

Don't even bother with the trial install.
You'll be lost very quickly.

Files aren't in the same location as that which is referred to in the Microsoft install guides.

2) Stage up a new server

In all their documentation, Microsoft never really actually make it clear as to whether or not their guides actually say whether or not you are installing Exchange 2013 on a separate server to your AD DC.

Obviously any normal person would give Exchange its own server, but I thought I'd take a second to clarify: All Microsoft doco is written from the perspective that you are using a separate server for exchange.

2) Download and install the three pre-requisite applications to the Exchange Server

3) Run the big scary pre-install PowerShell scripts on the Exchange Server

Yep - these things are about as elegant as a wget, make and install in a Linux shell.

Just copy and paste the powershell script and you'll be fine.

4) Run the Exchange Installer

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