Sunday, March 30, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3 4G Downgrade From 4.3 with Knox

Well as it turns out the reason my battery has been dying super quick is due to Samsung Knox being installed on the latest firmware I installed (I9305XXUENA2_I9305XSTEMK2_XST).

Knox is an awesome bit of software.
If you need it.

If you don't, it's a battery killing pain in the ass.

This is one of the most painful things I've ever had to do on an Android phone (except for rooting a UK HTC Desire) so to save you all some time:

1. Re-Flash your 4.3 Knox containing firmware through PC Based Odin (Assuming you've tried to flash an older firmware and killed the phone) PDA Option

2. Apply Chainfire Root through PC Odin PDA Options

3. Upgrade SuperSU to Disable knox

4. Install MobileODIN and your Kernel Image from Android File Explorer

5. Copy desired 4.1.x ROM .tar.md5 rom to SD

6. Flash image through MobileODIN in Android OS

Follow instructions at:

Hint: Ctrl + F and search for Manual

w00t. you are back to normal battery life.

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  1. First I had 3g and now I have 4g. But when I have changed my number I had some problems. I had to make the whats up download again. And at first I couldn't, but now it's fine.