Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yamakasi DS270 - Come Get Some

Ok - so admittedly it's been a little while since I bought my last monitor.

The monitor I've been using up to this point is a ChiMei CMV221D.

This monitor has served me well for 7 years but I just got my annual bonus and after a slightly boozey evening decided "awwww - what the hell" and have taken the plunge to purchase some sweet new monitor goodness.

This all began a couple of weeks ago when I was commenting on how nice the displays were at a customer site a little while ago (Dell UltraSharp 27") to one of my co-workers.

Mr David Brady then informed me that I'm a hermit who has been living under a rock for the last 2 years and promptly advised me that many clams can be saved if you're in the market for a 27"er by looking at some South Korean brands of monitor.

To explain, your main panel manufacturers reside there (Samsung and LG).
While they pump out panels by the Gazillions, probably 90% (maybe more - just guessing here) of those are up to the spec of quality for the high-end manufacturers.

That is, the panel manufacturer will check the quality of panels rolling off the production line and bin them according to how many tests they pass.

Now these days dead pixels are virtually a thing of the past.

Minimal backlight bleed really is what 1st tier vendors look for and causes some monitors to be binned as A, A- or B depending on the severity.

While the A+ go off to standard retailers for the masses to buy, if you're happy knowing there's a defect with your monitor that your eyes most likely can't see, you can nab yourself one of these now highly popular South Korean bargains.

I ended up purchasing a "Yamakasi DS270 IPS SE LED 27 (glossy)".

All I can say is - wow.

I'm writing this update on this monitor a couple of months on after purchase and all I can say is this is the best monitor I've ever used.

I go to work and my 24" Samsung Matte 1080p (while still a great monitor) just doesn't stack up.

If I'm away from this monitor for a few days, I find myself sitting down when I use it exclaiming "holy shit" on a (unfortunately) somewhat too frequent basis.

The monitor itself runs a resolution of 2560 * 1440.

I don't know if that's technically quad HD (would't that be (1920 * 4) * (1080 * 4) = 7680 * 4320?

Either way, it's image quality, brightness and contrast are ridiculously good.

Now, yes - it is a glossy monitor.

But I'm sitting here right now with an open window to my right with indirect sunlight coming in and it's absolutely fine.

The monitor has an anti-glare coating of some description which (as many reviews have stated) really does make a difference.

One thing to note - the stand the monitor comes with is total shite.

It's non-adjustable and the monitor literally wobbles about on it.

Get yourself a decent VESA adjustable stand and you'll never look back (I run these on all monitors I use as it saves my neck and is therefore easily justifiable).

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