Monday, March 23, 2099

Greetings :)


For those of you that know me, you'd know I like to email you with things I'm thinking on that I think you might find interesting or helpful.

So, rather than fill up your inbox with long winded thoughts, how-tos and tips and tricks, I thought I'd put it I'll in a blog instead!

This is really just so I have all my tech notes in one place but given that everyone tends to work on similar things at similar times I figured this was a good way to get some info sharing happening...

As I'm a network engineer, the focus will primarily be on routers, switches, firewalls, wireless, UC etc. but will occasionally wander into server / virtualisation land (gasp) as there is admittedly a fair bit of cross-over these days...

Other sections and random off-topic things will pop up as well just for something different :)

I'll try to include a quick video for in-depth posts that provides a overview of the topic wherever possible and please feel free to leave comments on each topic (I'll try and reply to them whenever possible).

If you find this page useful I strongly encourage you to create you own blog page as well!