Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elastix is the bomb-diggity

Thanks to Dustan (my co-worker) for the phrase :p

Elastix is truly the bomb-diggity (bomb just sounds try-hard-rapper-ish).

So yes - I've been working around PABX's for a while now (branch and enterprise) and let's be honest - asterisk is where it's at.

I've been observing Cisco UCM 8 and 9 for the last couple of months and it works.
But the interface.

OMG it's clunky.

And the licensing costs.

Oy Vei.

My natural engineer instinct when looking at the Cisco Unified Call Manager interface is:

This crap is old, outdated, non-nonsensical and inefficient.

So - what else do you run?

Well, there has been a FUCKING HUGE community effort to make an open-source voice platform that JUST WORKS in a SENSIBLE MANNER.

Enter the Elastix.

One thing first - Elastix is based on ASTERISK - the core of open source voice.

ASTERISK has a commercial arm called Digium

Digium's product is OK, but Elastix is better.

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