Friday, October 24, 2014

Infocus M512 Root / SDFix / Link2SD / Launcher Fix / Uninstall Crap Guide

For those who aren't yet aware, they're is an uber-bargain handset called the InFocus M512  (manufactured by Foxconn) that is a whole lot of smartphone for the money (available from DealExtreme).

If you can read Chinese head to or the translated version.

After using the phone for a little while, you quickly realise it has the following weaknesses:

  • Lack of internal storage
  • InFocus ROM is full of crapware
  • The AppControl and TrafficControl apps are particularly annoying (constantly prompting you about every little thing an app wants to do)
  • The stock Launcher is annoying in that it doesn't use an app drawer and rather spreads your app shortcuts across multiple home pages.

This originally started as my *slightly* more verbose version of the post on XDA @

In addition, I've added the steps to resolve the annoyances listed above on top of how to root.

So, let's get into it :)

1. Copy ROM to SD Card
Copy to SDCard

Grab it from

Note - you have to access the chinese version of the page as when you pump it through the Google Translate engine it breaks the JavaScript behind the security verification code button.

The following screenies show you where to click :)

You can do this through mounting the phone as mass storage or directly connecting the micro SD through an adapter to your PC.

2. Enable USB Debugging on Phone
Settings -> About -> Repeatedly press "Build Number"
Navigate back to Security and select Enable USB Debugging

3. Copy ADB to Machine
Download ADB Fastboot Tools

Extract Android folder to C:\

4. Install Universal UDB Driver
Download Universal Android ADB Driver and Install

5. Connect phone and say yes to prompt "enable USB debugging?"
Unplug and re-plug if you don't get the prompt

3. Use ADB to boot phone into recovery mode
Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory you created in step 4.

cd android
adb reboot recovery

4. Flash ROM in Download Mode
From the phone menu:

wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache parition

Apply update from SDCard

5. Reboot
Set to English
Re-enable USB Debugging

6. Install Android SDK

Download the SDK Tools Only from the Android Developers site for your OS:

installer_r23.0.2-windows.exe (Recommended)

6. Extract infocus-M512.rar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools to directory with no sub-folders

Grab yourself the root ROM and script from
Note - forced registration required.

7. Connect Phone and enable MTP Storage

8. Run InFocus_M512_15CN_1_03Aċ›½é™…版.cmd

You should be running this from the directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools

Let it go (make sure you accept USB debugging prompt on phone) and wait.

9. Phone should now reboot and you have Root!

10. Install SDFix from Play Store

11. Partition MicroSD and Install Link2SD

Use the Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition app to do this.
You will need a MicroSD to SD adapter for this step.

Note - when formatting the SDCard:
* Use FAT32 for the Media Partition (Partition #1)
* Use EXT4 for the Apps Partition (Partition #2)

These are the only file system types I could get to work after a bit of trial and error.

The InFocus M512 doesn't like EXT2.

13. For good measure, set your camera and gallery apps to use SDCard storage as well.

14. Remove Bloatware using Titanium Backup Root
Wow - InFocus has bloatware that would make the likes of Apple and Samsung proud!
To remove some of the crap, install Titanium Backup and blow those suckers away.

Specifically, some key apps you will want to kill are:

* AppControl
* TrafficControl
* Extra crap the root version of the ROM installed (Battery Minder, Performance Booster etc.)

* InFocus customer feedback

15. Replace Launcher with Google Launcher
This will give you the same launcher as the Nexus handsets (yay - you get an app drawer again!).

Install Google Search and Google Now from the Play Store and you will also get the Google Launcher.

To set it as default, go to settings, press the home button and you should get a prompt to choose your launcher.

Set Google as Always and then uninstall Launcher+ using Titanium Backup.


Bit of pain but you've saved a bunch of cash :)