Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dovado 4G Routers

Yeah yeah yeah.
I know what you're thinking...

USB routers suck.
And I used to agree.

But given that service providers in Australia seem to be spinning up services on new frequencies (e.g. Band 28 / 700MHz LTE) on a regular basis, you can understand why USB 4G modems are becoming popular.

I started thinking, that's all great but when you need to share the 4G connection to other devices over WiFi or Ethernet, then you need to get one of those horrible routers that works with the USB modem until it locks up, forgets it has a USB port etc. etc.

If only someone made a router specifically designed to work with USB modems that had some sort of technology to detect when the USB modem locks up and intelligently reboots the USB port to re-establish connectivity.

Well, that day has come.

Enter Dovado.


Cisco 3850 QoS Hardmax and Softmax Buffers

Here's a fun one kiddies.

If you're working with a Cisco 3850, I strongly recommend you check out Cisco's page they've created especially to explain how QoS buffers work on this particular model as it's different to anything I've ever worked with (for better or worse).

And of course, with excellent names like "hardmax" and "softmax" buffers I had to put together a little article picture :)

Check it out at: