Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remove Android SMS MMS Size Limit

Hey - just a quick one for those of you with Android phones that might have encountered a problem where you can't send or receive SMS attachments...

As it turns out, Android is a well-behaved little platform that sticks to carrier standards of keeping multimedia message attachments to a limit of 300K.

Other vendors totally ignore this standard and will send attachments of any size.

As it's Android, anything is possible and this is a prime example.

To remove limits to MMS attachment sizes, install Chomp SMS from the Play Store.

Now don't worry - you can still just keep using your normal messaging app and Chomp will just fix the attachment size issue for you and not bother you (if you follow these steps).

First, open Chomp and press the phone menu button then select Settings.
Next, select Mobile Carrier Settings and then select MMS Network Settings.
Finally, click on MMS Send Size Limit and select No Limit and select OK.

Next, to stop Chomp notifying you when you receive a message, go back to the settings menu and select Notifications and uncheck Notification.

Done and done.


  1. This didnt work for me.
    It works, when sending an MMS inside Chomp, but when I use the regular sms app, it is still compressed.
    Any ideas?

  2. use chomp for mms

  3. mms video can't able to send ,even size is smaller


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