Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dell XPS 13 1080p

Ok - I'm gonna make this easy.

For those of you in the market for a new laptop, LOOK AT THE DELL XPS 13 1080P.

I've got the non 1080p version and it's the lightest laptop with the best keyboard in this class I've ever used.

My only not-really-a-complaint is the screen - and it's not a major one - as in it doesn't bother me at all to use the 1366 * 768.

My previous experience was using an Asus UX31E and Apple Macbook Air.

Before purchase of my XPS 13 I looked at every Laptop in the flesh at JB HiFi and Harvey Norman that met my requirements (the short list was Asus UX31E, Mapple Macbook Air and Toshiba Z930).

The Asus screen was great but the keyboard was crap and the Apple was, well, Apple (that means crap also).

If you're in the market for a new laptop that's light, easy to use, reasonably priced and has a shit-hot-display (let's refer to this as an SHD from now on), buy this.

When buying a laptop there's a holy trinity for requirements you should follow: 

* Hardware Specs
* Battery Life
* Price

I can tell you now - this is the best-in-balance in all three categories.

The Dell XPS 13 1080p is available in Australia for $1299 from Dell.

Runnning Win 8 this thing looks slick.

If you miss the start button, install Classic Start 8 for free :)

Full review at:

Soon as I get one I'll post up a review :)

Cheers eh.

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