Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mobile Madness - Elephone P6000 - There's a reason it's cheap.

Gday all.

Just a quick word of warning for anyone jumping on the cheap chinese phone bandwagon...

I purchased an Elephone P6000 phone approx. 2 months ago and it has been reasonable (apart from the worst GPS navigation accuracy I've ever seen) up until now with the issue being that the cellular radio in the device basically just seems to be screwed.

I now see the cellular radio indicator going bat shit crazy and just cycle through all available network connections staying locked on to a single network for 30 seconds max with no ability to make or receive calls.

Evidently looking on the Elephone forums for the P6000 there seems to be other people who have had the same issue.

Oh well - at least now I've answered my question of "are these cheap chinese smartphones any good?".

As usual, you get what you pay for...

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  1. That sucks dude :( Well you know what they say - Keep expecting and be surprised