Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cisco 8510, 2702e's and -Z and -A Coded AP's

Well, this was a fun one.

Recently ran up a Cisco 8510 controller running code version 7.6.130 with 70-odd 2702e (can't buy the 2600 and 3600 series any more) APs.

Of the 2702's we ordered, all were AU version stock however 50 were coded as -Z 5GHz radios and 20 as -A.

Just on that - as the 2702's are VERY new, as part of a project I'm working on atm I will be doing pre-go-live testing so will be interesting to see how the new kid on the block performs.

On code version 7.6.130 for the WX, when you set the controller country code to AU they forgot to code support for -A 5GHz radios even though this is a legit Regulatory Domain code for AU.

On that - upgrading a Cisco WX is a bit of a less than amazing experience.

The upgrade process is clunky at best and all you are presented with during the process is what is actually being done in a random area of the screen.

No status bar, no ticks for each step.

Just hang on and hope for the best.

Anyway, as I knew the hoop-jumping of trying to log a TAC case via our Cisco Support reseller would take at least a week, I started looking for an alternative.

Luckily a trick I've used before paid off - Canada has the same regulatory channel and power restrictions as Australia, so setting the WX to support both AU and CA RD's works a treat.

After a WX reboot (which it seems has to be performed for any setting what-so-bloody-ever) all 5GHz radios were ready to go (after enabling and setting correct RD in advanced tab) all was good.

Hopefully version 8 code is a bit more polished.

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  1. Ha! The old Canada trick.. Nice work Cisco lol