Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Internet's Own Boy

As I grow older, I seem to be developing a deeper interest in my industry outside of my little Network Engineer bubble.

I guess that's just the unavoidable nature of being a tech :)

Anyway, I recently watched The Internet's Own Boy which really makes you stop and think.

Especially given the anti-piracy measures which are creeping into Australian Government discussions at present.

(And yes - it appears we're in exactly the same position in terms of people in Australian Federal Parliament who actually understand technology and the implications of the anti-piracy laws they are drafting as the American Government was two years ago (well, except for Malcolm Turnbull, who seems to be prioritising the Governments budget over what he knows is right)).

The movie is about the life of Aaron Swartz.

I remember reading about his passing last year but didn't know much about him or why he was so important.

For those of you like me who were unaware, Aaron Swartz was a child genius who first came to the attention of the tech community when he started contributing in a large way to the development of the RSS standard at the age of 14.

You have to admin, that's pretty hardcore for a 14 year old.

In fact, before that he had created The Info Network, which was basically Wikipedia, which I actually remember seeing pages from a long time ago.

He then went on to co-find Reddit and then launched into fighting the bullshit politics machine that is the American Government.

Anyway, the movie explains all this and a lot more in very good detail.

The movie is built around interviews with his parents, his brothers (which also strike me as very switched on people), his room-mates, his partners and his lawyer.

It really is a great, inspirational, depressing and intelligent rollercoaster that makes your hate for over-privileged twats in positions of power grow a fair degree.

The movie is available to watch on YouTube for free at:

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