Sunday, January 12, 2014

Adobe CS2 Including Photoshop is Free!

Well it appears Adobe have decided to give away Adobe CS2.
This includes Photoshop V9.
It's like 7 years old but who cares?
For what most of us need to do it's still awesome!

The direct link for Photoshop 9 and serial is over at Techspot.

If you want the whole Creative Suite, head over to Adobe, Register (*cough* bugmenot *cough*) and you'll have access to all applications and serials.


Note - got a NEX 3N and want to be able edit those sweet sweet RAW files in Photoshop CS2?
Well - you can't.
But you can do something that is just as good :)

Download the Adobe RAW to DNG converter and you'll be able to save the files in a format compatible with CS2 (with no quality loss during the conversion).

Note - make sure you set compatibility mode under preferences within the conversion tool to Camera RAW 4.1 and later for the converted image to be compatible with Photoshop CS2.

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