Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cisco Voice - Lots of extra work. Zero advantage.


After working with Digium Switchvox products for the last 18 months I'm now back in Cisco land supporting both Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) for enterprise users and Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) for branch users (this particular organisation hasn't centralised everything yet).

Having worked with a variety of voice platforms over the years I was shocked to find that everyone "just accepts" how convoluted and inefficient the Cisco voice platform is to manage.

In this article I'll do a quick feature comparison of Cisco CME, UCM and Digium Switchvox as well as publish the time taken and resources required to implement a solution and complete day to day tasks (in my lab environment).

Additionally, I'll be covering how to setup UCM for a multi-domain deployment (just in case you're in the same scenario I'm in)...

Happy to wave the Cisco flag for routers and switches.

Don't know if their voice platform measure up though...

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