Thursday, October 29, 2015

InFocus Kangaroo - The only TRUE all streaming Media Box.

Ok - it appears that FINALLY someone has made a capable truly all in one capable low power home theatre box.

What do I mean by all in one?

* Kodi
* Netflix HD
* iTunes
* Google Play
* PVR (TV Tuner and USB3 Storage)

Note that last item.
USB3 Storage.

That is what has been missing from many Atom based mini PCs such as the Minix Neo 64.

What this means is you can easily hang a USB 3 hub off the device and then connect one or many USB TV tuners and USB 3 storage.

On that, as you may have read, MS decided to kill Media Center in Win10, so you have to h@x0r MC into Win10, be happy with a 3rd party app or downgrade to Win7/8 to get this functionality working.

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